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Your Rights After a Car Accident or Motorcycle Accident

Your Rights after a Car Accident or Motorcycle Accident 

Rights after an accidentWhen you experience a motor vehicle accident, whether it involves a passenger vehicle, motorcycle, commercial truck, bicycle or other types of vehicles, your insurance company has the responsibility to pay for your medical expenses caused by that accident. This is true, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. You can also secure replacement of your income lost due to inability to work after the accident. So these losses should be well documented toward that replacement. Further, victims of motor vehicle accidents can also gain compensation when they are no longer able to complete basic tasks after their motor vehicle accident injury, such as daily living needs, household chores and other tasks.  

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Your insurance company must cover your initial medical expenses, no matter which driver is at fault for the motor vehicle accident. This medical expense coverage extends up to your policy limits. You are also entitled by law to gain compensation for replacement of lost income due to missing work for injury recovery. The policy must also cover a caretaker if you cannot take care of yourself after your accident, due to your injuries. 

When you are not at fault in your accident, you are entitled for coverage of a rental vehicle to replace your damaged one after the accident. This replacement is for use while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced due to its accident damage. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has found that your pain and suffering should also be compensated to help you with present and long-term suffering. This amount varies according to the state you live in, where the accident occurred. If you live in Arizona and your accident occurred in this state, there is no limit to the amount of pain and suffering compensation you may receive after a motor vehicle accident.  

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If you were riding a bike when the accident happened and were injured due to another person’s irresponsibility, you may still gain a settlement to compensate you for your pain and suffering.  

Your Rights after a Car Accident in ArizonaWhen your car, motorcycle or other vehicle is damaged in an accident and needs to be repaired or is a total loss due to its damage, you are entitled to a rental vehicle that is covered for reimbursement through the at-fault party’s insurance company. When the person at fault in your accident does not have motor vehicle insurance as required, they may be pursued through criminal and civil charges. These are avenues for you to gain compensation, despite them not having insurance. 

Because of their size and weight and the damage they can cause, special vehicles like semi-trucks and commercial vehicles carry a greater amount of responsibility when used on the roads. Their massive size and techniques used to drive these vehicles are often part of responsibility in motor vehicle accidents. Cantor Injury Lawyers has found that these commercial vehicles are frequently to blame for damages they cause and injuries, due to improper driving. 

When you suffer injury in a motor vehicle accident, the at-fault driver will be accountable for past, present and future issues of your injuries. This includes pain and suffering and other amounts directly related to your accident. Although many states limit the amount of pain and suffering compensation an injured victim may receive, this is not the case in Arizona. In Arizona, there is no set limit on recoverable pain and suffering damages. This is just another reason in many why you should pursue the compensation you are entitled to after your motor vehicle accident. When you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, no matter whether that negligence was by the driver of another vehicle or some other party, you should stand up to gain what you are owed.  

There are many parties that may be at fault or negligent in a motor vehicle accident. These include other drivers, people on the roads, auto manufacturers, parts dealers, retailers, mechanics and others. Even the government may be at fault in your auto accident, if the roads were not properly maintained or had defects that caused your accident. 

In motorcycle accidents, there are many issues to consider when building a case for your compensation. Riding a motorcycle is loved by many who have passion for what that activity provides.  No other vehicle feels quite like a motorcycle and this feeling from riding differentiates bikes from other types of road vehicles. Although many people are responsible when riding and are naturally drawn to the thrill of being on their bike, there is a great deal of risk involved in motorcycle accidents. If you suffer a motorcycle accident, you need an accident lawyer understanding of why you ride, as well as how you are entitled to the same consideration and rights of other drivers on the road. You need a lawyer who can help you gain the compensation you truly deserve. This help comes from the lawyers of the Cantor team. 

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