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Things To Avoid After Being Involved In a Car Accident

There is lots of information available online on what to do if you have been involved in a car accident which means that most people are aware of the steps they should take such as seeking medical attention; moving the crashed vehicles to the side of the road if you are able to do so, calling the police; and exchanging insurance information with the other driver. People also generally are aware that they need to take photos or videos of the damage and make notes of what happened so they don’t forget the details. With that being said, here are some things you should avoid if you have been in a car accident.

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Before Law Enforcement Arrives

If the resulting injuries from the accident are not grievous and have not caused incapacity then leaving the scene of an accident before speaking with responding law enforcement can cause serious trouble for the persons involved especially if the accident resulted in serious bodily injury or death. In certain instances people may have to leave the scene of an accident to call police if they are unable to do so by cellphone but they should return to the scene promptly after informing the authorities.

Admitting Fault In Causing The Accident

When law enforcement arrives, they will require that you describe the facts of the accident and how it happened. However, you do not need to make any statements as to who contributed or caused the wreck. Fault can be determined later when the complete facts are known and statements have been taken from both sides and duly compared. Admitting to fault in an accident is essentially accepting complete liability for that accident which may not have been your fault at all. Stick to the facts.

Signing Any Documents Prior To Consulting An Attorney

Never sign any documents prior to consulting an attorney, even if it is something from your own insurance company. It is foolish to assume that your insurance company has your best interests in mind and will offer a fair and reasonable settlement. It is imperative that you have your attorney review any documents that you have been given prior to signing them. Unfortunately, it is common to see people signing documents that contain a release that absolves insurance of their responsibility and at that point, an attorney is unable to help you.

Talking To The Other Driver’s Insurance Directly

It is the job of a personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance companies regarding the bodily injury claim of their client. Although an insurance adjuster may sound friendly, you would do well to bear in mind that they have no duty to look out for your best interests. However, your attorney does have that duty to you. You are under no obligation to provide any recorded statement to any insurance company and providing such a statement will only result in that statement later being used against you in defending against your claim.

Sharing Details Of The Wreck Or Your Claim On Social Media

After being in an accident if you post pictures on social media that may be misconstrued as showing someone healthy with no injuries then it will certainly be used to weaken your claim. In certain situations it may cause a claim to be denied altogether. It is advisable to stay off social media until your claim has been either resolved or settled. Ask friends to refrain from posting anything about you on social media as well.

Waiting Too Long To Seek Medical Attention

Oftentimes the occurrence of symptoms of an injury resulting from an accident may be delayed. However, you should seek prompt medical attention after an accident regardless of how you feel. You should always be candid and honest with your healthcare providers as it will help your claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident in California it is best to reach out to a Pasadena car accident attorney as soon as possible because it provides them an opportunity to investigate the accident and prepare a stronger case on your behalf.

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