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Product Liability Attorney

Product Liability Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

When to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

product liability lawyerAlmost every state has laws regulating product safety. Arizona law is no different. In this state, any item you purchase must be safe for use as intended. Products must also include adequate instructions explaining safe use and cautionary statements about possible harm.  

These standards are important for consumer safety. So when they are not met, the manufacturer is liable for damages. If you have suffered injury or other damages because of a faulty product, you need a skilled product liability lawyer who has experience with these laws and knows how to gain the compensation you deserve. For product liability matters in Arizona, you need the Cantor Team. 

Types of Product Defects and Manufacturer Defects 

Almost everything you buy can have a product defect. Intense testing is usually required before manufacturers can release a product for public sale. The manufacturer must ensure your safety is protected, as their top priority. After all, a defective product puts the user’s safety and the company’s future at risk. 

Some examples of a manufacturer defect include: 

  • Faulty tire tread leading to blowouts and car accidents 
  • Defective airbags that explode  
  • Swing set chain cracks 
  • Bacteria in grocery produce 
  • Bad electrical wiring causing sparks 

You would think that companies would consider product safety the highest priority. But sometimes profits and costs trump quality. Companies cutting corners in regard to consumer safety are also often the companies that attempt to avoid liability for causing injury. Some companies have even been shown to have continued making dangerous products without any concern for consumer safety. When companies are this irresponsible and even cavalier, filing a lawsuit against them provides a public service and even provides financial cause for them be more responsible. A lawsuit also helps ensure you gain compensation for your damages. 

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Injured for Profits 

product liabilityBig businesses can be hard to stand up against, particularly when you are the party who has been injured. Some companies will fight hard to keep injured victims from collecting even basic damages. They do this because they do not want to open the door to other customer claims. They also know that they may be held accountable for punitive damages that can be very costly. This is why it is important to have strong legal representation from a law firm with a history of personal injury and product liability success. Cantor Injury Lawyers is ready to help you gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries due to product defects or failure. 

Consumer Justice 

When a company chooses profitability over your safety and well-being, it can be hard to swallow. But this is sadly the case for many companies. Firestone Tires is a trusted brand that knowingly sold faulty tires, even after thousands of customers were injured. After years of doing this, they were stopped by lawsuits from customers just like you. This is sadly not the only example of a greedy corporation. 

Another example is of the medication Ephedra, a drug added to cold and sinus medications for many years. Pharmaceutical companies knew that it caused heart problems, strokes and even fatality. But more than 400 marketed medications contained Ephedra without consumer warning.  

When you or someone you love have been injured by a defective product, inadequate instructions, inadequate warning, manufacturing defects or otherwise negligent company practices in consumer products, you need the help of the Cantor Team. 

Medical Expense Relief 

When you suffer injuries that are not your fault, your situation is made even more tragic through the expense of medical bills. Medical costs for hospital stays, doctors’ visits, rehabilitation and other expenses easily lead to six or seven figures of debt. These bills can be difficult to pay when you cannot work due to your injuries. 

Even with good health insurance, your policy may not cover medical bills when someone else is at fault. Being in this vulnerable position makes you even more likely to cave into the manufacturer’s attempts to pressure you into a low settlement. They may also try to gain statements from you that they can use against you in your case. This is why you need a quality, experienced product liability lawyer on your side as soon as possible. You need the lawyer’s help for gaining the documentation needed to ensure medical bills are paid. Your Cantor Injury Lawyers advocate will fight for your best interests every step of the way.  

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Pain and Suffering Compensation 

Beyond medical bills, your injuries from a defective product can cause immense pain. You will suffer physical pain and psychological trauma, as well. These injuries may lead to problems in your relationships, as well as ongoing pain, suffering and emotional problems. If you suffered a debilitating or lasting injury like brain injury, your suffering may also be lifelong. You deserve the highest possible compensation for these injuries and that is what the Cantor Team will fight for. 

Many manufacturers and their insurance companies will work hard to shortchange you. They will go so far as to claim you are lying to gain a higher amount of compensation. Product manufacturers know that it will be very expensive to settle a pain and suffering case, so they want to discredit you. This is another reason why you need the skilled representation of the Cantor Team. At Cantor Injury Lawyers, we know you have suffered because of someone else’s negligence. This has caused you a great deal of current and future discomfort. For these injuries, you need justice and the compensation you deserve. 

Lifetime Care 

You may have suffered lasting injuries. After a faulty product accident, your injuries may last years, even decades. This may mean you need home care, rehabilitation and other expensive treatments or services. Manufacturers in product liability cases tend to push for family or friends providing this life care. But they only do this because they know it reduces the amount they will have to pay you for their negligence.  

If you are the one who suffered the injuries, you know you do not want to be a burden on your friends or family. No one does. If you have been injured due to a faulty product, Cantor Injury Lawyers will help you gain the settlement you need to cover your ongoing care costs. We hire experts who estimate how much your life care costs will be, then testifying on your behalf. You will not need to impose on your family and friends for the professional medical care you deserve. You can recover faster and more completely with the right medical help. 

Faulty Products Harm Many Ways 

There are many expenses to consider after you have been injured by a faulty product. You need an experienced attorney to help you determine what your true costs of your injury are and how those costs can be proven through evidence.  

Many people lose their jobs or cannot gain promotions after being injured. They are often overlooked for raises, too. At home, they may find they are not as able to complete household chores or yard work. This means they need to hire someone to handle these tasks for them. They must retire at a younger age or suffer a shorter life span. Others cannot perform favorite activities or hobbies anymore. Many lose opportunities for jobs, such as after a brain injury. 

Knowing what pitfalls you may face in the future due to your injuries requires the help of an experienced attorney. The Cantor Team lawyers have handled many cases like yours. We know about the losses you face after your defective product injuries. We can help you understand the lifelong impact of your injuries and how expensive those will be to you. This helps you gain the settlement you really need, not one devised by the manufacturers eager to close your case as cheaply as possible. The right injury attorney knows how to advocate for your lifelong needs. 

No one should suffer settling for less than they deserve, on top of suffering the injuries of a faulty product. At Cantor Injury Lawyers, we work hard to ensure you gain the settlement you need.

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The Advocacy You Need 

When a faulty product or inadequate warning leads to your injury, you need more than just an attorney. You need advocates and fighters for the compensation you are truly owed. The Cantor Team lawyers work tirelessly to gain the highest possible settlement in your case, one that will meet your ongoing needs. We are aggressive and we are proud of that. We fight on behalf of our clients who need skilled representation fighting for them. We use our experience and successfully case history to provide you with the legal help and medical access you need to recover from your injuries to the fullest extent possible, as well as to win your lawsuit. 

If you or a loved one have been injured by a faulty product, it’s time to take the first step on the journey to medical and financial recovery. Call Cantor Injury Lawyers at (602) 254-2701 or Fill Out Our Contact Us Form to find out how we can help you gain your settlement and justice. 

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