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premises liabilityPremises liability and construction defects are personal injury claims due to faulty construction or other causes on others’ property. Building collapses, robberies or assaults in parking garages, sexual assaults and slip and fall accidents may also fall under premises liability or construction defect claims. If you believe you have suffered injury and other damages due to construction defect or premises liability, you need an aggressive attorney skilled in these specific types of personal injury cases. Your Cantor Injury Lawyer team member will be able to focus on your case details and provide expert assistance to build a strong case. 

Wal-Mart and other companies have been sued for poorly secured parking lots. This type of suit happens when sexual assaults or robberies occur in these places where the public is supposed to be safe. Through aggressive investigation it was found that Wal-Mart in one location frequently experienced calls to police due to ongoing emergencies. Internal reports were written about the crimes but no steps were taken to remedy problems. This led to Wal-Mart being successfully sued for millions of dollars under premises liability. 

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In watching the news, you can occasionally see stories of construction defects. These are the problems that lead to collapsed buildings, piers or balconies. These defects can lead to major devastation. Other examples of construction defects include poorly designed parking garages that cause car accidents due to improper traffic flow. These flaws can lead to pedestrians being hit by cars or cars colliding with each other despite following traffic flow and associated signage. Some premises liability cases in major stores include merchandise falling from shelves or spills not being cleaned up as they should. Both Costco and Sam’s Club have experienced these types of cases. 

Even simple cases of construction defects and premises liability can result in permanent disability. These settlements range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. To determine a case settlement range, important factors for consideration include medical costs, employment damages, life care costs, loss of consortium and pain and suffering. 

Medical Costs after a Premises Liability Injury 

premises liability lawyerMedical bills for hospitalization and rehabilitation after injury can total $100,000 or more. The families of the victims or the victims themselves often consider paying these amounts a top priority. When an insurance adjuster from the at-fault property owner’s insurance company contacts the victim, the victim may be inclined to accept a quick settlement for payment of these initial medical costs. Although the settlement offer looks like it will cover “several times the medical cost,” the reality is bills will exceed the offered amount and victims are due more compensation.  

The early settlement amount will not cover additional needs, such as life care costs, lost income, vocational training or loss of consortium. You should never accept one of these offers without first talking to a Phoenix personal injury lawyer from the Cantor Team who regularly handles premises liability claims. These cases are unique unto themselves and require the expert knowledge of a premises liability attorney.  

Pain and Suffering 

Pain and suffering calculations are compiled with employment losses and other damages caused to the family of the victim. Cantor Injury Lawyers examine the lifelong impact of your injuries to determine the amount of these damages. Life care costs are added to employment losses and other damages. Juries understand how personal injury affects earnings and thus how the victim’s entire family is affected by lower income. They also tend to award greater amounts for pain and suffering. This is because they are sympathetic to how a constantly painful injury diminishes quality of life.  

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Life Care Costs 

Future medical bills, rehabilitation treatment costs and in-home care are some of the amounts used to determine life care costs. These are long-term costs predicted for the victim’s lifetime. In-home care may be provided by a family member. But that does not mean these costs are free, by any means. A family member will suffer great stress, inconvenience and lower quality of life due to the care they must provide for their loved one. It is important for this to be considered toward the total life care costs. It is also why it is so important to have the right experts working on your premises liability or construction defect claim. You need their expert testimony to help the settlement participants or jury understand the true nature and costs of your injuries over your complete lifetime. 

Employment Damages 

Employment damages can be a major part of a premises liability or construction defect case. Many injured victims are unable to go back to work because of their injuries, while others must seek work in a different field. These secondary fields of work usually do not provide a wage that compares to the original, pre-injury income. The most severely injured victims are not able to pursue any work at all, for the rest of their life. When children are the victims of medical malpractice, they may not be able to attend college or gain vocational training needed to help them secure a job. All of these circumstances require the help of skilled premises liability and construction defect attorney, such as those at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law. 

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Construction defect and premises liability case injuries may lead to the victim not being able to find employment. Or they may find employment, only to quickly lose their job or fail to gain eligibility for promotions. These circumstances are why it is so crucial for you to have an aggressive and experienced construction defect and premises liability legal team on your side. Your lawyers must work hard to determine the value of your settlement according to your employment losses and other damages. 

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