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Nursing Home Injury

Nursing Home Injury Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Nursing home injury lawyerNursing homes are supposed to provide safe recovery for injured people of all ages and walks of life. They are also designed to help terminally ill or aged individuals live the remaining days of their lives in comfort, dignity and safety. These are important services provided to people with diverse needs, goals and objectives. These facilities face unique and important responsibility to their patients and those patients’ loved ones.  

Sadly, there are many circumstances in which nursing homes do not provide for the safety, dignity and comfort of patients. Some nursing homes and associated staff cause injuries to the very people for whose care they are entrusted. Whether through reckless conduct or outright abuse, these injuries are the result of negligence by the nursing home or staff members. 

Many residents of nursing homes have physical and mental disabilities. Many of these patients are unable to communicate what has happened to them when they are injured by a staff member of a nursing home. As a result, these individuals need the help of a highly experienced nursing home and elder abuse lawyer when filing a claim against the nursing home. 

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Even when the nursing home victim is too aged or mentally unable to communicate what happened, the Cantor Team lawyers are able to flush out the cause of injuries. Using top quality medical and forensic investigators, the legal team can gain the truth about the situation. Cantor Injury Lawyers have extensive knowledge of nursing home operations and laws governing these businesses.  

The Cantor Team does not just help injured victims or their loved ones with the legal aspects of nursing home abuse. We also help you ensure your loved one is immediately transferred to a safe, comfortable nursing home facility known for a higher standard of care. 

Nursing home injury cases often result in settlements from tens of thousands of dollars, to millions. It is not possible to predict the outcome of a particular case, but Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law can help you understand what may be expected for compensation. 

Nursing home injury cases involve a number of factors toward settlement amount determination. These factors include medical costs due to the injury, pain and suffering experienced, costs for associated life care and employment damages if the individual was employed when the injury occurred. 

Medical Bills 

Medical bills are an important part of nursing home injury case settlement. Medical care is very expensive and a nursing home-related injury can lead to extremely high medical bills and treatment costs. Many of these cases involve treatment costs of over $100,000, particularly when hospitalization for injuries is required.  

Besides immediate and ongoing treatment costs for the injuries, there are also costs related to physical and vocational rehabilitation. These costs accumulate over time. Ensuring these costs are taken care of is usually a primary focus for families of injured loved ones. This is why many people rush to accept an insurance adjuster’s early settlement offer. Unfortunately, that offer is rarely what it should be, with the adjuster more interested in keeping the insurance company profitable, than in helping the injured victim. 

With high bills breathing down your neck, it can be tempting to accept an insurance adjuster’s offer. But you should never sign an agreement without first talking to a nursing home injury lawyer from the Cantor Team.  

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Pain and Suffering 

nursing home injuriesOne of the more complex portions of a nursing home injury claim, pain and suffering combines with other losses like employment damages and damages to the loved one’s family. To determine the amount of these losses, your experienced Cantor Team nursing home injury lawyer will examine lifelong impact the injuries will have on the victim.  

Pain and suffering amounts are often the most significant portion of a personal injury claim. This is because no amount of money can ever really make up for constant pain or the trauma of a nursing home injury. 

Life Care Costs 

Lifecare costs include treatments like physical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, in-home care and help with daily living. These costs last a lifetime in many cases. Although many families decide to provide in-home care themselves, instead of using a paid caregiver, this is not reason for compensation to omit in-home care as part of damages. To the contrary, providing in-home care for a loved one can be extremely emotionally and occupationally expensive for the relatives. Tending to the needs of a loved one is highly stressful and limits what the caretaker can pursue for him or herself outside of the home. Cantor Injury Lawyers team of experts are able to provide a financial value for these costs, including the costs associated with caring for an injured or aging loved one. 

Employment Damages 

At face value, employment damages may not seem to make sense for nursing home injury cases. But there are many circumstances of employment damages being part of the losses experienced by someone injured by a nursing facility. An example of this is when the loved one is only temporarily in the nursing home in order to gain rehabilitation services. Their future return to work may be hindered or negated by a nursing home injury. Or the victim may be able to go back to work, but then must do so in a different field of work, for shorter work periods, reduction in pay or as part of a shortened career span.  

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Why You Need Cantor Injury Lawyers for Your Arizona Nursing Home Injury Case 

Cantor Injury Lawyers tenacious legal team has handled over 200 jury trials of various types. Our attorneys have immense legal experience in a variety of personal injury matters, including a solid history of nursing home injury claims. Our lawyers of the Cantor Team are fully committed to providing the tireless, aggressive representation you need against negligent parties’ insurance companies. We fight to gain the highest possible compensation in your case, whether through settlement or a jury trial.  

Each client’s needs are unique. We understand this and never use a cookie-cutter approach to case handling. You will work directly with your Cantor Team lawyer and will not be shuffled off to support personnel on important case matters.. 

If you wish to contact us, you can telephone our office at (602) 254-2701 or fill out our Online Contact Us Form to Schedule a Free Consultation. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law stand ready to schedule a no-cost initial consultation with you. During an initial consultation, one of our lawyers will discuss your case with you and provide you some essential information about what can and should be done to protect your rights and interests or those of your loved one. 

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