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birth Injury Lawyer in ArizonaThousands of babies are born each day. This makes childbirth one of the most common medical events in American hospitals. Even though childbirth is a natural occurrence that has taken place for thousands of years, babies are still injured during the birthing process. A mistake on the part of the doctor, nurse, hospital worker or midwife can seriously alter an entire family’s future. 

Birth injuries include a variety of permanent effects that seriously alter affected babies’ lives, as well as the lives of their families. Nerve damage, shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, neurological damage and anesthetic injury are just some of these effects. The mother and child can even die because of injuries suffered in childbirth. Lives are altered because of one mistake. The mistake means a lifetime of accommodations to the injury and absence of a normal life.  

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law represent clients affected by birth injury. For more information on your case, select one of the below categories: 

  • Brain damage 
  • Personal injury 
  • Medical malpractice 
  • Products liability 
  • Wrongful death 

Experiencing a birth injury dramatically changes the course of a child’s life. It also changes the lives of everyone in their family.  Injured children require constant care, care that takes family members away from  

A birth injury of any kind will drastically change the life of the child and the child’s family. The constant care an injured child needs could take family members away from their own careers, not to mention send the family into thousands of dollars of medical debt. Additionally, a birth injury could keep the child from attending college or otherwise securing the education they would need in order to hold a good job. 

If you or your child are permanently disabled due to birth injury, you may be entitled to receive between $100,000 and $10 million in compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, life care costs and unemployment damages. 

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Medical Bills of Birth Injury 

When a healthcare professional’s mistake during childbirth causes you or your baby to suffer injury, you or your child may have to spend an extended period of time in the hospital. You may need rehabilitation and will likely spend over $100,000 on medical bills. The healthcare provider’s insurance will usually offer a settlement for these costs. But you should not accept this deal without talking to a birth injury lawyer first of the Cantor Team.  

The settlement you are offered to cover additional medical bills after birth injury does not cover future healthcare costs associated with the injury. Vocational training, life care and other costs are not usually part of an insurance adjuster’s offer. 

This is why you need to speak with a lawyer before you accept any settlement offer. You or your child may be facing a lifetime of challenges associated with the birth injury. For these challenges you deserve more than reimbursement for hospital costs. Particularly when your baby is in critical condition, your medical bills will remain steady and ongoing. 

Even when the insurance adjuster says the settlement includes your medical bills multiplied by a certain number, you should not sign the settlement agreement. You need Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law to review the settlement offer to ensure you do not sign away your right to the right deal for you and your child. 

Pain and Suffering 

Pain and suffering costs are figured through consideration of the birth injury’s long term effects. It is important to look at how the birth injury will affect your child’s future independence, employment and family life.  It can be difficult to know the future of a baby just born. But it is important to examine how the birth injury can affect your child’s whole life. If the infant will struggle in trying to fulfill the duties of a job or living on their own as an adult, it is important to consider the pain and suffering attached to these struggles.  

Pain and suffering compensation is usually the highest amount in a settlement. Employment earnings of $1 to $2 million do not outweigh the cost of a lifetime of constant pain, low cognition, living in a vegetative state or other serious outcomes from birth injury. Even when the injured child can pursue standard employment, their quality of life can be seriously altered. 

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Life Care Costs 

After birth injury, life care costs may be an important factor. These costs include the amounts needed to cover specialized care needed for the rest of their life. Future medical bills, medical treatments, in-home care, a nursing aide or other help may be needed. Even when some of this care is provided by a family member, you should still gain compensation for the toll that provision of care takes on the loved one.  

After all, the family member is giving up personal free time, outside employment and other life enjoyment to take care of another person. This means this care is not “free.” Providing this care can be even more stressful and taxing than an outside job. 

Gaining representation by the Cantor Team legal professionals means you have the right experts on your side. These experts will provide important testimony during your settlement phase or trial, if your case cannot be settled. With the help of top life care experts, you can gain the settlement you deserve. 

Employment Damages 

When someone suffers a birth injury, this compromises their entire future. The ability to go to college or gain training for a good job may be lost before the child’s life has really even begun. This means that the injured child may have to accept taking a job with fewer benefits and lower pay. Some children who suffer birth injury may never be able to work, at all. These problems are why employment compensation is included in settlement or court award for birth injury. It is important to make up for the earnings the child has lost due to another party’s mistakes. 

When you are represented by a skilled legal team like Cantor Injury Lawyers, you gain expert knowledge and help in determining your birth injured child’s losses. Your child may not have disabilities that are visible to others. But behavioral or cognitive problems caused by the injury may prevent long-term employment or the ability to gain promotions within their career. All of these issues can be determined by an expert lawyer to gain understanding of employment losses. 

Even a birth injury considered less severe than others will likely affect your baby’s career longevity. As part of employment damages, it must be considered that the child could have grown into a successful career if the injury had not occurred. The amount they could have earned is compared to what they will earn, including whether they will have to delay start of a work-life or retire early due to the injury. Using a multiplier for inflation and market value increases for the occupation can help vocational experts determine how much employment income is lost. 

Employment damages are easily understood by jurors. But these losses are among the lowest award amounts, when compared to other awards for pain and suffering. The good news is that juries know that having to settle for low income greatly affects the individual and their entire family, changing quality of life. When combined with medical costs, future life care costs and other amounts, employment losses show how much the person suffers due to medical mistakes of birth injury. 

Help You Need after Birth Injury 

By having Cantor Injury Lawyers on your side, jurors and the insurance company know what the injured child suffers, as well as what compensation they are entitled to, to increase chances of gaining a large settlement before trial. With over 200 combined jury trials across a variety of case types, the Cantor Team attorneys have the skill, experience and aggressive position you need to secure the highest possible settlement. At Cantor Injury Lawyers, we also help clients like you with doctor’s treatments and medical liens, to prevent you from having to pay out-of-pocket costs. 

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