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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Arizona Bike Accident LawyerRiding a bike in Arizona is wildly popular. Thousands of residents and visitors to the state enjoy this sport each day. According to an economic study from Arizona Department of Transportation, in 2013 bicyclists from out of state brought $88 million in added revenue into Arizona.  

Unfortunately, bike accidents are among the most serious types of accidents, when it comes to personal injuries suffered by victims. Of course, when the accident involves a motor vehicle like a car, bus or truck, that accident is far more likely to be devastating and life changing. Serious injuries are often the sad result of these accidents. If you have been in a bicycle accident, you should never accept being uncompensated for your injuries. After your accident you need an experienced personal injury lawyer from the Cantor Team. 

Statistics of Bicycle Injuries 

Phoenix area bicycle riding is a popular activity. Across the state of Arizona, it is equally popular due to warm climate and beautiful scenery to explore. The Arizona Department of Transportation has reported that 23 people were killed and 1604 were injured in bike accidents in Arizona during 2011. Cyclists injured in accidents with cars, trucks or other motor vehicles turn to the lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law for the help they need in filing a personal injury claim. By working with Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, injured victims may gain recovery of damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and other costs. 

Bicyclists have no protection against injuries in a collision with motor vehicles. These cases often involve severe injuries to the back, neck and head. It is not uncommon to see multiple fractures, major body wounds and even traumatic brain injury. Even slow speed and low impact accidents can lead to serious, life-altering injuries. But through justice and compensation for damages, victims of these bicycle accident injuries can start to regain control of their lives. 

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Legal Advocates with In-Depth Cycling Knowledge 

bicycle accident attorneyBicycle riders have basically the same right to the roads as other vehicle drivers. Bicycling laws of almost every state in the country provide similar rights, so Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law protect the road rights of bicyclists whenever possible. When you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Arizona, it is very important that you are protected by a lawyer who understands how you were victimized by a motorist. Through representation by the qualified lawyers of the Cantor Team, you or your loved one can gain justice and the highest amount of compensation possible for your injuries. This can be your path to recovery. 

Motor vehicle operators often exclaim, “I didn’t see the bicyclist.” This is no excuse for the resulting accident and effects on your life. It is imperative that drivers of all vehicles pay full attention to the road so everyone is safe as they are allowed under the law. This also means that drivers must accept responsibility for their negligence after a bicycle accident. The attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law know what to look for in bicycle accidents, enabling the highest quality representation for clients suffering these accident injuries. 

A Legal Team that Communicates 

Communication is key throughout bicycle accident case handling. The Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law bicycle injury law team handles all of your case communications with the insurance companies, along with legal aspects of your case. The team maintains your evidence, records witness statements, prepares case documents and organizes presentations. Communication is made easier through our digital management of your case information. This method provides easy, quick access and security for your information when we communicate with you. We move quickly once a case is accepted, accurately depicting the case information through positive communications to the insurance company. Because your case decision depends on the quality of details and how they are presented, you need Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law as your bicycle accident law team. 

Types of Bicycling Accidents 

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law invaluable preparation and aggression in litigation takes your bicycle accident injury case where it needs to go. Our lawyers handle any type of bicycle accident case, such as: 

  • Hit and run accidents 
  • Sudden lane changes 
  • Drivers failing to fully stop 
  • Tailgating 
  • Sudden stops 
  • Bike lane violations 
  • Dangerous road conditions 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Bicycle manufacturer defects 

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents with Motor Vehicles 

Arizona bicycle accident lawyers of the Cantor Team know that inattentive drivers are the cause of most bicycle and motor vehicle accidents. Motorists pay attention to other cars and trucks but fail to observe and acknowledge the more vulnerable bicyclists and pedestrians who are also entitled to be on the roads. This is particularly common as individuals become distracted by demands of their lives when they are supposed to be paying attention to their driving. 

Some accidents are easy to summarize. Many bicycle accidents happen when vehicle drivers execute left turns in intersections when they believe all vehicles have cleared the roadway. But they fail to observe bicycle riders with right-of-way passing through the intersection. 

Other common accidents are incidents where drivers swing car doors open without ensuring a bicycle rider is not passing by. The bicyclist then usually flips over the car door after colliding with it. This is referred to as “dooring.” Dooring causes a variety of serious injuries.  

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law know that bicycle accidents are not simple cases. They can be very complex and require the attention and knowledge of experienced personal injury and bicycle accident lawyers. 

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Protect Yourself against Cyclist Accidents 

If you are a bicyclist, it is important to protect yourself from actions of others. You particularly need to prevent the possibility of brain injury and other head trauma. You and anyone you love should wear a bicycle helmet, even though there is no bicycle helmet law in Arizona. Not wearing a helmet would not ruin a lawsuit against a driver who causes you injury. But wearing a helmet does mean you could avoid traumatic brain injury. Of course, you should also obey traffic laws whenever you ride. 

The Arizona Revised Statutes applies to bicycle riders and car drivers alike. So bicycle riders who are in accidents may be cited for traffic violations, if they did not obey vehicle code. You should get to know your local vehicle codes or those of the area where you plan to ride. 

When You Are In a Cyclist Accident 

Being in a bicycle accident is a terrifying experience. When a bicycle accident happens, you should call law enforcement authorities immediately. The police will conduct an investigation and compile a written report. This is very useful, as police will record the names of witnesses, people involved in the accident and other important information. The police will take down statements from people at the scene and draw diagrams of the accident scene. Past experience has shown that negligent drivers will be more honest at the scene of the accident when police are there right away, as opposed to when law enforcement is not notified for some time. It is best to not provide time for a negligent driver to change their story. 

When a bicycle rider is hit by a vehicle, your lawyer at the Cantor Team will submit a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Even if the driver is not insured, you may be able to submit an “uninsured driver insurance claim” with your Arizona bicycle accident lawyer’s help. 

No Fee Until You Are Compensated 

Your initial consultation at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is free. We also finance all of the costs of your litigation. You will not pay anything until we gain your favorable settlement or a positive verdict in your case. This means that you can seek justice in your case without worrying about cost.  To arrange a free initial consultation with a Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyer at the Cantor Team, please contact us online or call our firm at (602) 254-2701. 


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