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Multi-Million Dollar Settlements by Your Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney 

Most people believe personal injury cases are only for people who have been mentally or physically injured in car accidents. But there are many types of personal injury cases, such as those involving assault, injury on someone else’s Phoenix personal injury lawyerpremises, malfunctioning products, medical malpractice, nursing home liability, birth injury, construction defects, drug company liability, bicycle accidents and dog bites. Of course this list only touches on a sampling of the types of personal injury cases handled by personal injury lawyers.  

Personal injury law relates to any injury caused by another party’s intent or negligence. When someone does not act reasonably and carefully as they should, that is called negligence. Negligence is also an individual’s failure to act like another reasonable, careful person would.  

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For your injury caused by someone else, you need a personal injury lawyer with experience and skill in this focused area of law. This highly qualified lawyer of the Cantor Team will know whether you may be able to recover monetary damages for your injuries. Although any lawyer can handle this type of case, you need a lawyer with the ability to gain the outcome and compensation you deserve. Your lawyer’s capabilities are directly tied to how your case will end. While gaining a sum of $50,000 sounds great at face value, your injuries may actually mean you are owed $100,000 or more. Having an attorney who knows this is very important, even if a lawyer is offering reduced fees that sound like a good deal at face value.  Reduced fees are never a good option when the attorney does not have the skill needed to gain your highest possible compensation. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases 

There are many types of injuries for which a personal injury case may be justified. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has experience in all of these injury types and are ready to put that experience to work for you. Some personal injury case types include: 

  • Phoenix personal injury attorneyTraumatic brain injury and brain damage 
  • Birth injury 
  • Contract and business disputes 
  • Medical malpractice 
  • Government liability 
  • Motor vehicle accidents 
  • Nursing home or elder abuse injury 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Personal injury 
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability 

Even the simplest of personal injury cases can lead to permanent, life-changing injury. This is why settlements in these cases typically range from five figures to seven figures, meaning hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Considerations toward the amount of the settlement include medical bill costs, life care, employment losses and pain and suffering. 

Medical Bills in Personal Injury Cases 

Medical bills are a big part of personal injury cases. Treatment costs are often over $100,000, particularly when injured victims need hospitalization, physical rehab or vocational rehabilitation. A big goal for the family is usually to pay these bills off quickly.  

Personal Injury LawyerWhen someone else is at fault for your injury, that party’s insurance company will send an adjuster to talk to you about the accident and offer a quick settlement. This often happens within days of the accident. The adjuster usually claims that the offered amount will cover all medical expenses. It can be tempting to accept an early settlement. But you need to remember that they are there quickly and are trying to get you to sign an offer because they know a lawyer will tell you the amount you are gaining is too small.  

These settlements rarely include life care costs, vocational training you will need after the hospital, in-home care or other damages you are owed. The biggest amount not covered in an early settlement will be pain and suffering. Never accept an early settlement offer without talking to a personal injury lawyer with the skill and experience to know what you are truly owed for your injuries. Never settle for a multiple of your medical bills, such as three, four or even five times your current costs. You will still be shortchanged. 

A good example of these issues is when a victim is in a coma after their injury. An adjuster may offer a multiple of the current daily medical costs. But this will not factor in the victim’s increasing costs with each passing day of the coma. Injuries also worsen over time, becoming more problematic and expensive in the years ahead. 

Pain and Suffering after Personal Injury 

Calculation of pain and suffering damages combines the victim’s life damages, their family’s damages and employment losses. This lifelong impact of the personal injury is considered when figuring out how much pain and suffering must be asked for toward settlement or a court verdict. In this figure is the amount of life care that will be required after the injury and how much that will cost. The family will also experience lower quality of life and damages due to the accident.  

Pain and suffering damages are often the highest amount of all compensation in a personal injury case. This is because injuries take a major quality of life toll. Although a victim’s earning capacity may be in the million dollar range, living in constant pain or with lost cognitive abilities leads to an extremely lessened quality of life. Life becomes harder to enjoy and this must be considered when pain and suffering damages are calculated. 

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Personal Injury Life Care Costs 

Life care costs after personal injury include future medical bills, rehabilitation treatment and in-home care. People often assume that in-home care provided by loved ones is “free.” But this is not the case. Family members suffer a great deal of stress and lost opportunity when they are taking care of a loved one. These losses come at a price, so they should be compensated as part of the personal injury damages.  

Your personal injury case relies on having the right legal experts in your corner. You need testimony by proven experts and the best life care experts who can help build your personal injury claim. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law provides these experts, as well as the most skilled representation in your Arizona personal injury case. 

Employment Damages after Personal Injury 

Your attorney or experts provided for your personal injury case will calculate your employment losses. You may not be able to work in the same field or role as before your accident. This is common for victims of personal injury, as is the inability to maintain employment or work for as many years as possible before the injury. If you do work after your injury, you will likely earn less, if you earn anything at all. When a personal injury occurs before college attendance, job training or even getting the first job, young people suffer significant financial loss. For these issues, it is critical that you have a skilled lawyer on your side, one able to calculate employment losses. 

Personal Injury AttorneyOne issue many people forget to factor into employment losses is that of not being able to gain promotions after the injury. In order to calculate this amount and other work income losses, a specialized attorney will look at what was being earned before the injury, potential earnings for the lifetime career trajectory, and how much is actually being earned after the injury. This figure must also include inflation, market value of the chosen occupation and other factors. A vocational expert is usually the best resource for determining these amounts and relaying them to a jury. 

Although employment losses determined by the vocational expert may not be the highest amount in your damages, this is the number that juries understand best. Jury members understand how injuries affect earnings and career prospects. They know that how much a personal injury victim will earn over a lifetime is immensely affected, just as they will lose money due to the injuries for the rest of their life. Juries are aware that the entire family of an injured victim suffers due to these financial losses.  

Employment losses are combined with projected life care costs and medical treatment costs, adding to the pain and suffering award amount. Juries are sympathetic to injured victims who are no longer able to look forward to a hopeful, rewarding personal life or a rewarding occupation they once loved. Having to settle for less in life is a huge expense, in and of itself. So juries know that they must ensure the victim is compensated as they deserve for these changes. This is why many insurance companies settle before going to trial, as they stand to lose more in many cases if a jury is involved. 

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The Right Legal Help for Your Personal Injury Case 

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law are highly skilled in handling Arizona personal injury cases. The aggressive attorneys of the Cantor Team will aggressively stand up to the insurance companies to fight for your rights and those of your family. The goal is to obtain the highest possible settlement for your injuries and the damages you are owed. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law also helps injured victims with medical liens and medical treatment costs to ensure no out-of-pocket costs must be covered before you are paid through settlement or a court verdict. 

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