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“What Ifs” After a Motorcycle Accident

Common “What Ifs” after a Motorcycle Accident 

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you are likely to be confused and unsure of your next steps for proper handling of your insurance claim. This is true whether you live and ride your motorcycle in Arizona or in other states. But for your Arizona motorcycle accident, you need the skilled and highly experienced Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, such as those at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, who can help you understand what you need to do for your case. Below are some helpful questions and answers that may help you after your motorcycle accident: 

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“How will I feel immediately following my motorcycle accident?” 

In many cases, motorcycle accident victims are in shock after the accident occurs. This shock carries over into the timeframe of police officers arriving on the accident scene for filing of an accident report. Shock occurs because the body responds to frightening occurrences in unique ways designed to protect you from harm. Your brain signal activity boosts, creating that surreal feeling you have right after your accident. Your adrenaline boosts, as part of the “fight or flight syndrome” that helps you make lifesaving decisions or perform tasks you usually would not be able to perform. Because of these natural responses, you may not feel injured at all despite having some legitimate injuries that will cause pain at a later time.  

You may even tell the police officer you are not suffering pain as he or she writes the police report. Many accident victims do this, only to realize later they have suffered injuries or experience pain. Your answer will not prevent you from gaining the compensation that is rightfully yours, from a personal injury claim. But you need a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer at the Cantor Team to help you file this case and work with the system. 

“What if I felt no pain on the first day, but can now hardly move?” 

If you feel fine the first hours or day after your accident, it is unfortunate that you feel a great deal of pain later. But this is actually common to motor vehicle accident victims. When their adrenaline and brain signals calm after their accident, they start feeling the crash’s effects. Police officers recommend that accident victims are seen by an emergency department or doctor immediately following an accident for this very reason. They understand that it may take some time for your body and mind to register injury or injuries that you suffered in your accident. So you should not be alarmed if you did not feel you needed to go to the hospital before, but feel pain now. You can go to the doctor anytime following your accident for clear documentation of your symptoms and treatment solutions. 

“What if my pain didn’t start until several weeks following the accident?” 

You can still gain personal injury and motorcycle accident compensation despite it being several weeks since your accident occurred. The brain is a highly complex organ and can take some time to recognize pain in some parts of the body, particularly when you feel pain in other, more significant areas of the body. Your minor bruises caused by the accident may hurt long before you feel the pain of a more serious neck injury. You still should see a doctor or go to a hospital for medical examination, documentation, and treatment for your injuries. You will need this documentation as you move forward in your claim with Cantor Injury Lawyers. 

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“What if my motorcycle only sustained minor damage in the accident?” 

Your motorcycle or other vehicle may only show light damage after the accident. But your body may still have suffered great injury. This is because there is a certain force behind your body during impact. This makes it possible for your body to be injured even without your vehicle being heavily damaged. Many people whose vehicles sustain only scrapes and scratches, with the motorcycle or car still being intact, have suffered broken bones and soft tissue injuries. If someone else caused your accident and injuries through negligence, you are still entitled to compensation, regardless of how your property looks after the accident.  

“What if I was not wearing a helmet?” 

Not wearing a helmet can make your case more complex because the insurance company may use this to fight your claim. Of course, Arizona law states that you do not have to wear a helmet, unless you are under the age of 18. So, if you are over 17 you will not be provided with a citation or ticket, as you were not breaking any state laws. But the insurance company will try to argue that your injuries are partially your fault, since you did not protect yourself against the effects of an accident by wearing a helmet. You may still be able to gain compensation, however. You need the help of an experienced Cantor Team Arizona motorcycle lawyer for your case, ones who will work hard to protect your assets and get you the compensation you deserve. 

“What if I am having severe headaches, but didn’t hit my head during the accident?” 

You may be suffering from pain in your head or elsewhere despite not hitting your head on impact or through the chain of events of the accident. Your brain can be injured just through the jolting of your head and neck during the collision. This is whiplash, a condition that can cause migraine headaches. You may also have a back injury, one which can cause migraines. When the different parts of your body are fiercely shifted around in the quick acceleration of your collision, followed by the hard crash, it is common to experience severe headaches.  

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“What if my friend was the operator of the motorcycle and I was the passenger?” 

To gain the compensation you need to pay for your injury treatment you may have to file a claim against your friend’s insurance policy. Someone has to pay for your injury care, particularly since you were an innocent “bystander” in your accident. You are eligible for compensation through your friend’s insurance company, so you are not really suing your friend. His or her insurance should cover the expenses you face because of the motorcycle accident. Your friend may be upset when you start this legal process, but it is within your rights and how your bills for your injuries will be paid. It is also why insurance policies exist, in the first place. 

“What if the other driver was uninsured?” 

If the vehicle driver or other at-fault party was not insured, hopefully you have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy. This coverage is elective when you sign up for your insurance. It is special coverage allowing you to gain recovery from your insurance company when you suffer injuries and other damages in an accident for which you were not at fault. If you do not have this added coverage, you may have to file a lawsuit against the uninsured motorist to gain the damages recovery you need. This process takes a while. But Cantor Injury Lawyers can speed up the process for you. 

 “Will my insurance rates go up?” 

Insurance rates only increase if the accident was your fault. So in an accident where another driver was at fault, your insurance rates should remain the same as before the accident. Just because you reported the incident, you will not face increased rates when the accident was no fault of your own. If your insurance company does threaten to raise your rates, you can look for new insurance under another insurance company. Another insurance company will treat you fairly with the rates you deserve. By talking to an agent or broker, you can likely find an insurance policy that meets your needs. 

After Your Accident 

The reality of motorcycle and auto accidents is that your injuries require immediate attention at a hospital or doctor’s office. You will have to handle the repairs needed for your motorcycle. You will also have to support yourself and pay household bills while you are recovering from your accident injuries. 

All of these are reasons to pursue a motorcycle accident claim against the at-fault driver. Cantor Injury Lawyers will help do this, protecting your rights and ensuring you receive the highest possible compensation in the process. Our highly skilled attorneys will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company for you, gaining the settlement or court award that you deserve for your damages.  

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