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Head Injuries and Brain Damage from a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries from a motorcycle accidentThere are more passenger vehicles on the roads than motorcycles. But more people are buying motorcycles each year and using them as a primary mode of transportation. Although weather can be a factor in prohibiting motorcycle riding, you still see motorcycles on the roads throughout most days and nights. This is why injuries and deaths from motorcycle accidents are also increasing in the U.S. Many of these accidents lead to unpreventable injuries. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law believe that some injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be prevented through simple rider precautions. These precautions can prevent a bike accident from becoming a brain injury. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Effects 

Motorcycle accidents often lead to traumatic brain injuries that can seriously alter the injured victim’s life. Very serious cases of TBI involve physical, emotional and social disabilities for the rest of the motorcyclists’ lives. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to paralysis, loss of motor capabilities, seizures, cognitive changes and memory loss. People with TBI may have problems concentrating and inability to return to work for this reason. Experiencing such loss can also lead to anxiety, mood disorders and depression. 

In a minor motorcycle accident, the injured rider may experience scrapes, broken bones or cuts. Repairing these injuries and recovering from them are far less time-consuming or costly than a traumatic brain injury. The financial problems suffered after a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. There are hospitalization costs, medication needs and costs for rehabilitation. Many motorcyclists must pay for permanent home care or are placed in a long-term care facility. 

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Preventing a Traumatic Brain Injury from a Motorcycle Accident 

There are some ways you can try to prevent your motorcycle accident from causing a traumatic brain injury. The Cantor Team knows that the key to these methods is in preparation and making the right decisions before getting on your bike.  

Wearing a Helmet 

Head Injuries from Motorcycle AccidentAlthough Arizona state law does not require you to wear a helmet, this device is one of your best defenses against sustaining a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. Medical studies have proven that wearing a helmet reduces your chances of a TBI by 85 percent. Each state has its own helmet laws. Some states only require riders of certain ages to wear one, while other states require all riders to wear a helmet. Other states have no requirements for helmet wear, at all. As previously mentioned, riders and their passengers in Arizona only must wear a helmet if they are under the age of 18. While many riders complain about wearing helmets, such as in saying that helmets are uncomfortable and mess up their hair, nothing is more uncomfortable than a permanent brain injury. The best thing for your future is wearing a helmet. 

Rider’s Safety Course 

Most states require riders to complete a motorcycle safety course before hitting the roads. These riders must usually pass a knowledge and skills test to gain their operator’s license. But most of these laws only pertain to riders using their motorcycles on the streets. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law believe that you should take things a step farther to protect yourself, by getting to know all of the motorcycle rules of your state and the safety precautions for your particular bike. You need to get to know your motorcycle and how it handles in different types of weather and on varied terrain. Read your owner’s manual through and maintain your bike well.  

Defensive Riding 

Passenger vehicles protect passengers by nature of their design. They have metal-encased cabins with roll cages. Cars operate on four wheels, so drivers never have to worry about keeping the vehicle upright or balanced. Riding your motorcycle is the opposite of this. You have zero protection from the environment and other vehicles around you. With the exception of specially-designed motorcycles with three or four wheels, yours requires you to balance on its two wheels. The differences between motorcycles and cars are many. Cars are obviously safer and more powerful in many ways, particularly in an accident. 

As a motorcyclist, keep in mind that your bike is at many disadvantages when compared to a car. It is easier to crash your bike and also easier for you to be hit by other vehicles who do not see you. You should always maintain safe distances between you and other vehicles. Ride carefully and do all you can to remain visible to other drivers. Stay aware of speeding motorists and passing vehicles. If you have to pass a vehicle, be careful in doing so and ensure the driver sees you as you maneuver. Do not speed or weave in and out of other vehicles in traffic. When other vehicles do this, let them go ahead of you so you can maintain safe distance. Be highly cautious when weather conditions make riding more dangerous, such as in rain or snow. 

 If you have suffered traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident, or if your family member has suffered a TBI, this accident will lead to incredible physical and financial difficulties. You need the help and guidance of a motorcycle accident lawyer for your traumatic brain injury. You are entitled to recovery of financial damages resulting from your injuries, such as medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. You may also be entitled to other compensation for your losses. Call Cantor Injury Lawyers now for a free, no-obligation case consultation at 602.254.2701. 

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