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Motorcycle LawyerVery few things are as terrifying as being involved in a motorcycle accident. There are many ways a motorcycle accident can happen. Contrary to popular belief, these accidents are not usually the motorcyclist’s fault. In fact, most of these accidents happen because drivers of other vehicles are not paying attention, do not see the motorcycle, or fail to register that the motorcycle is present upon seeing them. This is because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and present a smaller, different profile than other types of road transportation. Add to the motorcycle’s own low visibility issues like heavy traffic, night darkness, weather conditions or blind spots and it can be very difficult to see a motorcycle on the road.  

There are many forms of motorcycle accidents. Below are some types of accidents that Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law have found which may be the result of other drivers’ negligence: 

  • Failure to yield right-of-way to the motorcycle 
  • Making a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle 
  • Violating traffic laws in intersections 
  • Colliding with the rear end of a motorcycle 
  • Opening car doors without checking to see if a motorcycle is approaching 
  • Changing lanes without looking for a motorcycle in the vehicle’s blind spot 

Little Protection against Injury in Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcyclists also have the disadvantage when it comes to protection from injuries. Besides a helmet, there is little a Motorcycle Attorneymotorcycle rider can do to protect himself or herself from the injuries an accident can cause. It is common for riders to be killed in accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 8.4 million motorcycles were registered for legal use on American roads last year. About 88,000 riders were injured in motorcycle accidents and 4700 were fatally injured.  

Motorcycle riders are five times more likely to suffer injury in a crash than occupants of a car or truck, per mile traveled. Bikers are 26 times more prone to fatality than their passenger vehicle counterparts. These are staggering differences, mostly due to the motorcyclists’ lack of protection beyond helmet wear.  

There is no steel roll cage, frame or body around the biker to protect them during a crash, unlike those of cars or trucks. Also unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles do not have air bags or seat belts, either. It is much more difficult to keep a two-wheeled vehicle stable on the road, than it is for a four wheel vehicle to remain under control. Together, all of these points mean that crashes are more likely to occur for motorcyclists, just as they are more likely to be injurious or deadly to the rider. 

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law found a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which recently reported than half of all biker accidents involve other vehicles. Many riders are thrown from their bike upon first impact. They then hit another vehicle, a stationary object or the ground beneath them. This means injuries occur during the first impact that launches them into the air, then again when they are stopped by a solid surface. 

Common Motorcycle Injuries 

Because motorcycle riders have almost no protection in an accident, they suffer catastrophic injuries. Some common injuries include: 

  • Cuts, scrapes and road rash 
  • Foot, hip, leg and other fractures 
  • Spine breaks and spinal cord injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Amputations 
  • Fatal injuries of multiple types 

Lower body injuries and broken bones are the most commonly suffered results of motorcycle crashes. But head injuries and spinal cord injuries are more severe and debilitating. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal injury can cause paralysis, other debilitation or death. These injuries are among the most catastrophic ones suffered in these wrecks and can forever alter the injured rider’s quality of life. 

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If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you need highly skilled and experienced attorney representation to gain the Motorcycle Accident Lawyercompensation you deserve for your injuries. The lawyers of the Cantor Team know Arizona motorcycle law and also understand the severity of injuries suffered in these accidents. Cantor Injury Lawyers are aggressive in seeking the compensation you deserve, breaking through stigmas associated with motorcycle riding for the right settlement or court decision.

At Cantor Injury Lawyers, we work hard to maintain our excellent reputation among Arizona motorcyclists. We have honed our skills and gained this reputation through aggressiveness, integrity, honesty and professionalism these cases require. Other attorneys claim to be aggressive, but the Cantor Team’s lawyers follow through as evidenced through our track record of more than 200 jury trials in all types of cases. We pride ourselves on gaining the best possible results for our motorcycle accident clients. Call Cantor Injury Lawyers now at 602.254.2701 for a free, no-obligation case consultation. Or complete the online form to speak with a Cantor Team attorney today.

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