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Insurance Company Warnings

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Warnings about Insurance Companies after Your Car Accident 

After you have suffered injuries in a car accident, the insurance adjusters, investigators and defense attorneys for the at-fault driver start working on their client’s case. An insurance adjuster is the designated insurance company employee who decides how much money you will gain as compensation for your damages, if any. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law truly believe that everyone involved for the defense, including the adjuster, investigator and others, will work to discount your claim, trying to find evidence to prove their client was not at fault and that you, the injured victim, actually caused or contributed to your own injuries. 

Despite not being at fault, you may be contacted by investigators for the other driver’s insurance company who are investigating the accident. They want to take photos of your vehicle’s damage, along with photos of the accident scene. The insurance adjust then starts building their case. The adjuster’s primary objective as the insurance company’s employee is to reduce the amount you will be paid. The insurance company may even contact you to gain a recorded statement over the phone. They do this to capture you saying something that compromises your case. Again, this is to minimize how much you will be paid. You should never give a recorded statement until you have had the chance to talk to a skilled car accident attorney. 

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Throughout the process of reviewing your car accident, the insurance adjuster works to determine how much money you will be paid. The adjusters purposefully work to reduce the amount you are paid as much as possible to benefit the insurance company, their employer. One way that insurance adjusters do this is by gaining a verbal statement from you over the phone. They are hoping you will say something self-incriminating, enabling them to pay you a smaller amount that you are truly entitled to receive. 

The Cantor Team has found that insurance companies also use other tactics, such as offering you a small settlement within the first two days after your accident. They will use a quick settlement offer to cause you to forfeit your legal rights. This two-day window after your accident is critical to them, as most accident victims have not yet suffered the full force of their injuries. They may not even be feeling pain yet, having injuries like soft tissue damage that they have yet to realize. The reality is that these injuries can be very serious, with their effects remaining throughout your lifetime. 

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When you are offered a quick settlement, it may be tempting to accept this offer and settle your own case. But settling this way will likely only save you money in the short term. You will actually receive a much smaller amount of recovery through self-guided settlement negotiations than you will when you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  

You need to realize that everything you say to an insurance adjuster could affect how much you gain through settlement. These case results could impact you and those you love for many years. You need to be aware that insurance companies act nice and engaging with you, but they do not care about your best interests. 

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law believes that determining the amount of your settlement mostly relies upon the amount of your medical costs, life care costs, lost income and pain and suffering. It is not uncommon to secure a five to seven figure settlement for cases like yours. 

Medical Costs 

Being hospitalized for a long period of time, plus having to go through physical and vocational rehabilitation can easily lead to medical bills costing over $100,000. Accident victims and their families usually face the priority of getting these medical bills paid. The at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster will usually contact you and offer you a quick settlement to close the matter as quickly as possible. This usually happens within a few days of your accident. The adjuster will usually say they are taking care of all of your medical bills. This is a common inclusion of these settlement packages, with that verbiage designed to make the settlement offer appear very tempting. But this sweeping provision does not include important amounts like your life care, vocational training costs, loss of consortium and lost income. You will incur many costs from your injuries over the coming years, so you should never sign anything the adjuster offers you without representation by a qualified, experienced attorney. 

It is important to note how accident injury cases are different than other types of injury cases. While “three to five times the amount of your medical bills” sounds great for your injury case, it is actually far less than you will need for your serious injury. For example, long-term hospitalization, coma or other lengthy periods of recovery continue to accrue more and more cost. When you are injured you experience current financial damages, but you will also keep suffering more financial damage over time. Taking three times the medical bills sounds great at face value, but for a serious injury you need immediate legal representation from the Cantor Team to ensure you do not receive less than you are truly owed. 

Pain and Suffering 

Calculations for pain and suffering are usually grouped with other damages like lost income and financial damages your family experiences. Your injury will have long-term impact on your life. All of these impacts must be considered as a whole, such as life care costs, employment losses and family damages. Pain and suffering awards often exceed the amount of all of your other damages combined. Because of your injuries you will experience a lower quality of life and your family may, too. The cost of that lower quality of life will likely be higher in value than potential future earnings. As an example, losing $1,000,000 in future earnings over your lifetime is no comparison to the pain and suffering of living at diminished capabilities and reduced enjoyment of your life. The amount of money you obtain through work will not measure up to losing your prior quality of life. 

Life Care Costs 

Life care costs are composed of rehabilitative treatment, in-home medical care and future medical bills. Your family may be like other families in the same position, opting to provide your in-home care themselves. An insurance adjuster will consider this care by family “free.” But this is never free. It is taxing for your family, reducing employment income, emotionally straining everyone and leading to other stresses they would not typically experience. It is very important for your case and your financial future that you have the highest quality legal representation you need. You need case experts who can build a case and gain great testimony for your family for the settlement phase or a trial, in the event a trial is necessary to gain the right amount of compensation. By working with Cantor Injury Lawyers, you can gain the best life care experts you need for testimony on your behalf. 

Employment Damages 

Employment damages are often part of an injury case damages calculations. Because injury often causes discontinuation of your previous line of work, you may have to pursue another career in a secondary field of employment. This secondary job is often far less enticing, enjoyable or lucrative than your original position. In the worst case scenario of these circumstances, you may not be able to work at all. If your family member is actually the accident victim, and particularly if they are a child, employment may be forever impaired by their injuries. A youthful injury victim may not be able to attend college or gain the job training they want. The highly skilled lawyers of the Cantor Team work to fully calculate these types of losses. 

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Some injuries are not as visible as others. When you or your loved one have subtle injuries, the injured victim may lose their current position or fail to gain promotions as they should. These are the types of cases requiring a highly skilled injury lawyer to determine the complete facts of the case and calculate your employment losses. 

Your active working years can be impaired by even slight physical injuries. As personal injury and auto accident lawyers, we look at the victim’s earning ability from before the accident and through to after the accident in order to accurately determine employment damages. It is important to examine the current earnings and amount of earnings you expect to lose throughout the rest of your employment lifespan. We also must determine whether your employment life has been reduced to a shorter span due to your injuries. A vocational expert can use an inflation multiplier and your job’s market value to come up with the most accurate estimate of your lifelong earnings. You need a quality expert for these processes, such as the experts Cantor Injury Lawyers use. 

As your employment losses are being revealed to the jury or others involved in your case resolution, there are other damages that will be larger. But juries easily understand how employment losses are experienced and how they affect your lifestyle. To the jury, it is explained that you, as an injured victim of the accident, will lose “x” amount of dollars over your lifetime. It will also be explained how this financial loss affects your whole family or others you support. In light of these damages and those of medical bills, future life care costs and others, the jury is usually compassionate in the amount of the pain and suffering award. Juries are usually quick to understand that victims with their whole lives ahead of them with plans for a satisfying future will now be faced with settling for much less than they wanted for themselves and their loved ones. The jury is tasked with ensuring that the injured person does not have to settle for a lower quality of life. This is a job that most jurors take very seriously. 

We also take your future seriously at Cantor Injury Lawyers. We work hard to ensure the insurance company provides what they should, maximizing your chances of gaining the highest possible settlement for your loved one’s injuries, or your own injuries after a motor vehicle accident. 

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