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Phoenix Elder Abuse Lawyers

Has someone you loved recently been affected by Elder Abuse in Arizona? When elder abuse happens, you need an experienced elder abuse lawyer from the Cantor Team. Your highly skilled lawyer will gain the compensation you need for you or your loved one to recover from injuries and suffering. 

Elder Abuse and Neglect Explained 

Elders are an important part of our society. They include our grandparents, parents, neighbors, aunts, uncles and other people in the community. These aging adults may be highly social and physically active or they may be frail, unable to communicate and defenseless when it comes to elder abuse.  

Any person unable to communicate, suffering from memory problems or frail due to aging or disease is vulnerable to others’ abuse. In these circumstances, it is common to see elders exploited and abused by those tasked with taking care of them. 

You may not be able to see signs of elder abuse. Or you may notice your neighbor or loved one quickly changes the subject when you ask how certain injuries were received. Your elder loved one may be emotional when they see you but cannot explain why they are this way. Some elders are financially exploited, suffering abuses that do not show physical signs of injury. Others stop engaging in life as fully as they used to, before the abuses were happening. You may wonder why your aging acquaintance suddenly stops being social or outgoing.  It is common for these abuses to happen in home environments where caregivers are present, just as it can happen in nursing homes.  

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Although many symptoms of elder abuse look the same as general signs of aging or illness, it is important to understand that abuse can happen anywhere. Elders are less able to care for themselves as they age and they become easy targets for neglect, physical abuse, bullying and exploitation. When an aging person does not see, move or hear as well as they once did, they grow even more vulnerable to being abused. 

Fear makes many abused elders retreat into themselves as the abuse is occurring. Shame takes them into silence. They may not know who to turn to for help and many fear becoming an inconvenience or problem for those they love. Others are mistreated because they cannot speak for themselves or are easily dismissed as being confused. 

Over a half million elders are abused in the United States each year. Millions of cases are never reported. 

Who Is Responsible for Elder Abuse? 

elder abuse lawyerCaregivers entrusted with an elderly person’s well-being are often the ones committing acts of abuse or neglect. These abusers may be related to the elder or may be a friend, paid home care provider or nursing home worker. There is no one type of setting where elder abuse occurs, as it can happen anywhere elders rely on help for daily living or activities. 

Elder abuse happens in: 

  • Private homes 
  • Nursing facilities 
  • Hospitals 
  • Rehabilitation centers 
  • Assisted living properties 
  • Community centers 
  • Other places elders are provided care 

Much of today’s elder abuse occurs in home care environments. In private homes, even those owned by the elders themselves, the abusive caregivers are the aging person’s children, spouse or grandchildren. 

Elder Abuse Types 

Elder abuse takes many different forms. Threats, neglect and financial scams are the most common aspects of these abuses. 

Physical Abuse of Elders 

Physical abuse is any non-accidental injury, pain or impairment inflicted upon an aging person. This can include assault, hitting, shoving, restraining, confining or improperly administering medications. 

Emotional Elder Abuse 

Emotional elder abuse is also known as psychological abuse. Caregivers may use verbal methods to cause the aging person emotional distress. They may also treat the older person in ways that hurts them emotionally. The elder may be isolated, terrorized, menaced or ignored. 

Verbal forms of emotional elder abuse can include acts of intimidation, threats, humiliation, ridicule, blame, scapegoating or yelling. Bruises are not left behind for emotional elder abuse. But the actions heavily impact the aging person’s functioning, mental condition and emotional well-being. 

Sexual Elder Abuse 

It is abusive for a caregiver or others to have inappropriate contact with an aging adult, such as for sexual acts. These abuses may include exposure of the elder to pornographic materials, forced viewing of sexual activities or forced disrobing.  

Abandonment and Neglect 

Neglect occurs in half of all American cases of elder abuse. Failing to fulfill the needs of an elder may be unintentional or purposeful. These abuses may be due to caregiver ignorance or denial, just as much as they may be deliberate acts meant to cause harm. 

Financial Abuse 

Many elders are abused by caregivers or scam artists seeking access to financial accounts, credit cards, funds or properties. Forged checks, unauthorized credit card use, stolen cash, forced signature, theft of government income or checks, stolen household goods and acts of identity theft are common acts perpetrated by these elder abusers. 

Caregivers are not alone in committing these acts against elders. At any given time, there are a multitude of financial scams being conducted with elders as specific targets. Some of these scams involve the aging person being told they won a prize but need to pay a fee to claim their winnings. Other scams are for non-existent charities, fraudulent investments and other abuses. 

Healthcare Abuse 

Being hospitalized or in a care facility does not mean your elder loved one is safe from elder abuse. Some abuses happen at the hands of doctors, nurses, hospital workers and others within professional settings. Some crimes may be of the types listed above, or they may include acts of over-billing, billing for services not provided, kickbacks, over-medicating, under-medicating, medication theft, Medicaid fraud or other acts. 

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Overview of Elder Abuse Cases 

Elder Abuse Attorney in ArizonaAt Cantor Injury Lawyers, our law team understands how elder abuse impacts the aging person you love and your whole family. We provide the help you need to ensure the abusers are held financially responsible through compensation needed to help your loved one recover and get into a safer environment or situation of care. 

Your case involves multiple factors toward determination of the settlement amount. These factors include medical costs, pain and suffering, life care costs and other damages. 

Medical Bills 

Medical care is an expensive part of aging, but elder abuse adds to those costs. Many elder abuse cases extend beyond $100,000 in medical bills. These costs may occur when abuse is discovered or may be long-term costs related to injuries received during the abuse. 

Pain and Suffering 

It is never easy to calculate pain and suffering compensation. This amount often includes damages to family life and other losses. To determine the right amount of compensation, it is important to examine how the abuse impacted your loved one’s future.  

Pain and suffering is usually the largest sum of all damages. Your loved one’s well-being is priceless and money cannot make up for damage or pain of trauma suffered as part of elder abuse. Courts understand the vast losses of pain and suffering and justify large sums for these injuries. 

Life Care Costs 

Because aging adults are so vulnerable to abuse, many of these victims suffer injuries or losses that will affect them for a long period of time. Under life care costs, elders or those who provide for them take on rehab treatment, in-home care and daily living assistance expenses.  

Cantor Injury Lawyers Helps You and Your Loved One Recover from Elder Abuse 

If your loved one has been abused, your entire family suffers damages. The Cantor Team’s Phoenix injury lawyers calculate the appropriate amount for damages to ensure protection, care and security for your loved one’s future. Cantor Injury Lawyers use their experience of over 200 various types of jury trials to provide the legal representation you need for your elder abuse case. 

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