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Side by Side and ATV Accidents Lawyer

ATV Accident Lawyer

ATV Rollover Accidents, Side by Side Accidents and Sandrail Accidents 

All-terrain vehicles are highly popular in Arizona. These vehicles, also known as ATVs or quads, are designed to transport one to two people for recreational purposes. They are often used on rough courses, for off-road trails or across land. Although ATVs are not legal for driving on American streets, they are very popular in places like Arizona, where they can be used for outdoor work and recreation. 

ATV owners and riders are legally required to follow regional regulations. This include operation of their ATV and use of safety equipment. When an ATV driver is negligent or the vehicle has design flaws and passengers or others are injured, an ATV accident lawyer helps victims gain the compensation they are owed for their damages. 

ATV and Side-by-Side Design and Safety 

ATVs were once designed as three wheelers. These were called ATCs. But current models are four-wheeled and nicknamed quads, as they feature a revised design meant for safe riding than three wheelers provided. Three wheelers were banned in the US for ten years from 1988 to 1998. This ban was the result of a high percentage of accidents occurring on the vehicles. The Consumer Product Safety Commission later reported their findings of most accidents being the result of driver error and improper technique. This opened the door for ATVs with four wheels to experience a surge in popularity. 

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Low pressure tires on ATVs help them navigate rough terrain. ATV tires have deeper grooves that are better suited for rocky, muddy conditions, as compared to standard tires used on motor vehicles. Most of these recreational vehicles have one seat above the engine. But some offer seating for two people in a side-by-side design. 

Although three-wheelers had a rough start, ATVs are actually quite safe now. They are considered safer than motorcycles, even, due to their more stable four-wheel design. But ATV operators are often too bold with their vehicle under a false sense of security. They endanger themselves at high speeds, often risking rollover accidents. Rollovers are one of the biggest risks of ATV riding, as there are no seatbelts or passenger compartments to protect riders from injuries.  

Side by Side Accident Lawyer

Some ATVs have a roll cage feature. But even these vehicles’ roll cages lead to severe crush injuries, seriously injuring arms, torsos, legs and the head. It is not uncommon for ATV riders to experience traumatic brain injury, even on vehicles with roll cages. Most of these cages are installed as aftermarket parts, not standard on the vehicles at the time of purchase. 

ATV accident risk factors include driver age. These vehicles are designed to suit specific rider sizes and age groups. But young riders or those not of the right size for a particular ATV can be intensely injured in an accident. Riders under the age of 16 are the ones most often injured in these wrecks, with over one-third of all injured riders being 16 or younger. 

Common ATV and Side-by-Side vehicle injuries include: 

  • Fractures 
  • Burns 
  • Bruising 
  • Abrasions 
  • Lacerations 
  • Dislocations 
  • Concussions 
  • Whiplash 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Spinal injuries 

Most ATV injuries are the outcome of unavoidable accidents. But these accidents are highly injurious because riders fail to wear helmets, use poor judgment, do not ride the appropriately sized vehicle, are too young to operate an ATV or are improperly seated on the ATV. 

ATV Rollover Causes 

Some of the most catastrophic injuries from ATV accidents are from vehicle rollover. ATVs frequently roll over onto passengers and drivers, for a multitude of reasons. Among the reasons for ATV rollover are: 

  • Vehicle’s high center of gravity 
  • Narrow track width 
  • Sudden acceleration 
  • Poor steering by the driver 
  • Improper handling or maneuvering of the vehicle 

ATVs are designed so that both rear wheels spin at the same speed, helping the vehicle avoid getting stuck in muddy or rough terrain. This is different than on a standard automobile, as part of which the rear wheels operate independently during turns. This leads many operators of ATVs to improperly execute turns, leading to a rollover. Mechanical problems can also lead to rollover. 

After Your ATV Accident, an ATV Rollover Attorney Can Help You  

After being in an ATV accident, you need an experienced ATV rollover accident lawyer such as the Cantor Team. Your ATV lawyer can provide the support and guidance you need to gain compensation for injuries suffered in the accident. Just like your accident lawyer conducts investigations as part of other motor vehicle accident cases, your ATV rollover accident lawyer may use methods of investigation, expert witnesses, on-the-scene witnesses and others to determine what led to your ATV accident injuries. 

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