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Motor vehicle accidents in Arizona that involve motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses make up the majority of accidents occurring on Arizona’s roads and highways. These accidents are often the result of driver error, such as improper maneuvers, driving miscalculations or poor vehicle maintenance. Or they may be caused by improperly functioning traffic control devices, bad roadway design, faulty vehicle parts or tire defects. 

There are a wide range of causes for motor vehicle accidents. It can be easy to determine the cause of many accidents, but some can be very complex. These more difficult cases often require the help of skilled accident reconstructionists, engineers or other qualified experts. The Cantor Injury Lawyers have access to these types of experts and can gain their help for your motor vehicle accident case. In Phoenix, the Cantor Team uses all available tools and resources to ensure you gain the highest possible settlement for your car accident injury case. 

Your Cantor legal team will also assist you with needed services like vehicle rental and liens for medical expenses, so you do not have to pay anything out of pocket until your case is settled or won through a court verdict.  

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How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Medical Bills 

car accident lawyerThe biggest issue for many car accident victims is medical costs. These costs can easily exceed six figures, if you are required to stay in the hospital after your accident. If you need injury physical or vocational rehabilitation, your costs are even higher. Paying these bills is often the family’s first priority. But when someone else caused your accident and injuries, their insurance policy should cover your medical treatment and other damages. Their insurance adjuster will approach you to settle your claim, often within a day or two of the accident. The adjuster is not as friendly as he or she seems, however. Their goal is to keep payments to you as low as possible. 

When you are offered early compensation for your accident injuries, it will be very tempting to accept the offer. But you need to remember that these early offers are not in your best interest. They are in the opposing side’s best interest. Accepting an early offer means you are taking less money than you are actually going to need over the course of your coming days, weeks, months and years. Your injuries will cost you more over your lifetime and signing the right to additional compensation away for an early settlement is selling yourself very short. 

When the other driver’s insurance company is reaching out to you, talk first to a lawyer at Cantor Injury Lawyers. We will help you understand the insurance company’s tactics and why they want you to sign quickly. We can assess your case in a free, no-obligation case consultation, providing you with a clear picture of what you are truly owed. 

You will suffer many losses due to your injuries and other damages. These include pain and suffering, lost income, loss of consortium and other damages. You can’t know the full reach of your damages without talking to a highly skilled lawyer specializing in these types of motor vehicle accident cases. 

Other costs you may not yet realize are life care costs. These are defined as future medical costs, grouped with rehabilitation treatments and in-home care. When family members are tasked with caring for injured car accident victims, those family members make huge sacrifices that are never “free.”  

It is critically important that you locate the right legal expert for your case, one who will help you gain the highest possible compensation for all of your past and future damages caused by the motor vehicle accident. 

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Employment Damages Following a Car Accident 

accident lawyersAny injury case usually affects employment. If someone is injured to the point of needing medical attention, they are likely missing work. This missed work may be a matter of hours or it could be years of missed earning sacrificed in the car accident. Sometimes people lose the ability to perform the duties of their career and must step back to a less difficult position or one that uses other types of skills that they can perform. These cause damages in employment, lost earnings and many other types of financial repercussions.  

Even when you are able to go back to work after an injury, your employment life span may be shortened. As an example, someone suffering leg or back injuries may feel fine initially, but over the years as healed bones become arthritic from accident damage, the worker becomes less able to walk, stand or sit for extended periods of time. This can affect the type of job you can perform and for how long that job can be done after car accident injuries. 

Your Arizona Car Accident Lawyer will use multipliers accounting for inflation and increases in market value for your occupation. Using these expert skills, your future losses can be calculated for compensation. This is usually an easy-to-understand area of impact in the victim’s life, one juries and others deciding your case understand. But this figure may not be the largest amount sought in your case.  

Cantor Injury Lawyers are extremely knowledgeable and successful in the realm of car accident laws. Research is an important part of our team’s work, so we keep up with rules and regulations as they change. Our legendary reputation is founded on our professionalism, integrity, honesty and aggressive pursuit of the compensation our clients deserve. 

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