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DUI Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver in Arizona

Truck, Motorcycle or Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver or Drugged Driver

Drunk drivers combine poor decision making with dangerous behaviors of drinking or using drugs, before getting behind the steering wheel of their cars. Have you been hit by one of these negligent drunk drivers, one driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol? If you have been in a drunk driving accident, you are one of the 112 million people who were at risk for being hit by one of these drivers. Unfortunately, one driver’s mistakes could change your life and seriously alter your future. 

You may have experienced serious injuries in your accident. Or you may have lost a loved one or suffered extensive property damage. But your world should not be flipped upside down due to one negligent party’s actions. The Cantor Team of personal injury lawyers is ready to fight for your rights, to help you gain the compensation you need to recover from your damages. 

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DUI Accident Lawyer in ArizonaBeing in an accident because of a drunk driver is a very upsetting experience. Suffering loss of a loved one due to the actions of a drunk driver is even worse. But even when you have only a small personal injury case, you have suffered damages due to another person’s irresponsibility. Because of this, you are owed compensation for your damages.  

As personal injury lawyers, the lawyers of the Cantor Team works to pursue accident claims and find justice for those affected by drunk or drugged drivers. Your case may involve bars, restaurants or nightclubs’ irresponsibility, particularly in how they served the alcohol.  

About 300 people in Arizona were killed in drunk driving accidents in 2015, as reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation. Although your lost loved one cannot be returned to you through a claim or your injuries cannot be erased, you can gain financial recovery from your legal case. When damages cannot be gained through the drunk driver’s assets, your compensation may be provided through recovery from people or establishments providing the alcohol to the driver before they caused your accident. 

Even though the number of Arizona drunk driving accidents may be on the decline, the reality is that drunk driving is still a serious problem in the state. This is proven through accidents like yours. The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Arizona report statistics of these accidents. Some of those statistics of 2015 include: 

  • In 2015 there were 116,609 motor vehicle accidents, 4941 of which were alcohol related 
  • 295 people were fatally injured in drunk driving accidents, making one third of all alcohol-involved crashes fatal 
  • Over half of Arizona’s drunk driving accidents occurred in Maricopa County 
  • In 2015, Maricopa, Pima, Pinal, Yavapai and Mohave counties had the highest rates of drunk driving 
  • The vast majority of drunk driving accidents are rear-end collisions 
  • The age group of drivers most affected by drunk drivers is that of ages 25 to 34 
  • Teens are two times more likely to cause a drunk driving accident than senior drivers 
  • The most fatal drunk driving accidents occur on New Year’s Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day 
  • Two times as many drunk driving accidents happen at night 
  • Nighttime drunk driving accidents most often occur on weekends 
  • Daytime drunk driving accidents most often happen during the week 
  • Arizona has lost half a billion dollars to drunk driving, as of 2013 

Insurance Coverage for DUI Accidents 

Insurance companies do not usually cover DUI accidents. When a driver is convicted of driving while intoxicated, it can make your case more complex. This is why you need the help of a highly experienced car accident lawyer who can help you gain damages for your injuries. Once the driver goes to jail, the case becomes more difficult. They are still liable for your injuries and other losses, but collecting compensation is often impossible, since these drivers rarely have enough assets to cover the losses and they likely do not have insurance. When the case is made difficult by these issues, it means you are less likely to recover the money you need for your injuries. 

There are other ways to seek compensation, however. Through a full investigation, other sources of income or responsibility may be determined. The driver’s parents, employer or other sources may provide compensation for some of your losses. 

Dram Shop Laws of Those Serving Alcohol 

People serving alcohol may be liable under Arizona state law for a drunk driver’s actions. Under ARS § 4-311, the server of drinks to the drunk driver may be responsible in the accident. It is possible to gain compensation from those venues under Arizona state law or general negligence law. 

Dram shop laws are liquor laws explaining legal responsibility of establishments selling alcohol. These laws are particularly clear about sellers being careless in providing alcohol to minors or drinkers who are already intoxicated. According to Arizona Revised Statute A.R.S. § 4-311, the establishment can be held accountable for people serving alcohol, if the drinks were served to someone who was already clearly drunk or underage. 

It is important to act quickly if you have been the victim of a drunk driver. There is evidence to be gathered in a timely manner and a doctor needs to assess your injuries. You can gain a simple assessment of your drunk driving accident case by calling Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law at 602.254.2701 or completing the online form for a free, no-obligation case consultation. 

Your first consultation with Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is free. If we decide to represent you, we will work on a contingency basis. This means our lawyers only get paid when you settle or win your case. You may be entitled to reimbursement for these costs if you have a legitimate claim. Your first step is to file your lawsuit, before your Arizona statutes of limitations expire. 

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Can the Bar or Restaurant Serving Alcohol to the Driver Be Sued? 

Hit By Drunk Driver ArizonaUnder Arizona dram shop laws, it is possible to hold bars, restaurants and clubs financially responsible for their actions in the drunk driving accident. This is the case if they served alcohol to minors or people who were clearly already drunk. It may be possible to hold a liquor store responsible for selling alcohol, too. Your DUI injury lawyer can help you understand who may be accountable in your case.  

Recovering Compensation after a Drunk Driving Accident 

After a drunk driving accident, you are entitled to recover compensation for your losses. Your losses, also known as damages, may have been injuries you sustained in the crash. Or they include other damages known as “compensatory damages,” such as: 

  • Medical bills 
  • Future medical costs 
  • Lost income 
  • Future earnings losses 
  • Property damage 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of consortium 

Car Accident Involving Underage Drunk Drivers 

When an underage drunk driver causes an accident, his or her parents may be liable. This is because the parents are the ones entrusting their vehicle to the teen. The teen is only supposed to be able to drive if they do so responsibly. This can be difficult to prove, but an expert personal injury lawyer will work with you as part of this process. 

Wrongful Death Damages 

If someone you love was killed in a drunk driving accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for your losses. This is known as a wrongful death claim. These are processed individually and may require the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer. 

Punitive Damages 

It is reckless to get behind the steering wheel of a car after drinking beyond the legal limit. Beyond the damages you can seek compensation for, the judge may order punitive damages paid to you by the drunk driver. These are often considered in cases where the drunk driver behaved particularly egregiously. Examples of cases involving punitive damages include those where the driver has had previous DUI charges, was driving on a suspended license, or one killing multiple victims.

A DUI Car Accident Lawyer Will Fight for Your Rights 

The attorneys of the Cantor Team will fight for your rights after a drunk driving accident that left you or someone you love injured. Call Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law at 602.254.2701 or submit the online form for a free, no-obligation case consultation. This consultation only takes about 30 minutes and can help you understand your rights and what you are owed.  

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