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Brain Damage & Head Trauma

Brain Damage & Head Trauma

When to Hire a Brain Damage Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

brain injury attorneyThere are a number of ways brain injury occurs. Brain damage is often the result of birth injury or “improper delivery.” This or childhood brain injury can lead to severe cerebral palsy or epilepsy. Minor to major memory loss and alteration of personality are other common results. 

One of the most frequent causes of head trauma and brain injury are car accidents and motorcycle accidents. These injuries are among the most expensive accident injuries in the United States, often going undiagnosed or untreated because people fail to recognize their injury until it is too late. Even a minor head bump can lead to long-term brain damage, just as whiplash can also cause brain injury without bumping the head on another object, at all. 

Blood clots and hematomas are other brain injuries. Even vaccines and chemicals can cause disability, diminished cognitive ability and death. There are many ways the brain can be damaged and at Cantor Injury Lawyers we use our extensive experience in head trauma and brain injury for these types of cases. We can help you regardless of the extent of the brain injury. We will fight for your rights and gain the settlement you need. 

Even the most basic brain damage can cause life-changing problems. Solutions are particularly important when brain damage has caused long-term impairment. Settlements commonly range from $100,000 to over ten million dollars. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and suffering endured due to the injury all factor into how much can be gained through settlement. 

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Medical Expenses of Brain Injury

Brain damage-related medical expenses are often well over $100,000. This is particularly the case when hospitalization and physical or vocational rehabilitation are required. Paying these high medical bills after a brain injury accident is usually a priority for the family of the injured victim. Often, the person responsible for the brain injury has insurance that is used to pay damages. The insurance company sends an adjuster to discuss the claim and make a settlement offer. This is a time when you definitely need the guidance and support of a lawyer, or you will be left with a minimal settlement not covering your lifetime of brain injury-related expenses. 

Never, ever agree to a settlement offer without the advice of an attorney. You need an experienced lawyer who understands the nuances of brain damage cases. These types of cases are different than other personal injuries and must be settled differently. Simply settling for medical costs or an amount several times your medical costs is not sufficient. Particularly if the victim is in a coma, healthcare expenses pile up for an extended period of time. 

Brain Damage Pain and Suffering 

There are multiple damages grouped together for brain damage cases, such as pain and suffering with lost income and injuries to family lifestyle. There are many long-term effects for the injured victim that must be considered toward this amount, including damages to the family. Pain and suffering awards tend to be the largest of all damages, even more than those remaining amounts put together. Although an injured person suffers one million or more in lost income over the rest of their lifetime, there is no price that can truly make up for pain and suffering. This is particularly true when cognitive abilities are reduced or the injuries lead to permanent reduction in quality of life. When the brain injury leads to a lowered quality of work and lifestyle than before the injury, the recovered damages can be significant. 

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Life Care Costs 

Brain damage victims suffer life care costs that include medical expenses, rehabilitation and in-home care fees. In-home care is usually provided by a family member. But this never means home care is free. Family members sacrifice a great deal to take care of an injured loved one, such as in the areas of their lifestyle and employment. This is why you need the help of experienced experts who know how these issues will affect your life and the life of those you love. You also need the right testimony throughout the settlement phase and during trial. Cantor Injury Lawyers have the right experts available to help you gain what you need from your brain injury claim. 

Lost Income and Other Employment Damages 

For calculation of brain injury costs, employment damages must be included. The injured victim may no longer be able to hold a gratifying position and compensation may be reduced if not lost altogether. Employment may be sought in other areas of work for some injured victims, but that pay will usually be much lower and quality of life suffers. Some victims are not able to go back to work at all and even young injured victims may face a lost career. Since these cases involve past, present and future losses, you need a skilled legal team. 

Even if a brain injured person returns to employment, but later is not able to fulfill required duties, they need a skilled lawyer. Cantor Injury Lawyers can prove that the victim will likely lose their employment or fail to gain promotions needed for quality of life improvements. 

In minor cases of brain injury, employment is still affected. How long a person can work in their lifetime is usually shortened. For calculation of damages, your legal team will assess your wage potential to understand lifelong career losses. The equation involves the total number of years of employment, a multiplier to factor inflation and possible increases in a job’s market value. By having the right vocational specialists on your legal team, employment damages are clear. 

Employment damages may not be the biggest portion of your overall damages. But it is easy for people to understand where these losses exist. Jurors can understand the equation makes sense and is based in lifetime earnings. Through the calculation determination, medical expenses and life care costs, the amount sought for pain and suffering is elevated. Even more importantly, why settlement or a jury award need to be elevated is clear to those making decisions. At Cantor Injury Lawyers, we work hard to ensure the insurance company understands the true magnitude of your losses for settlement or the right trial decision.

Legal Help You Need after a Brain Injury 

Whether you or your loved one has a brain injury, you need Cantor Injury Lawyers on your side. Cantor Injury Lawyers is a highly reputable law firm with outstanding experience in brain injury cases. With over 200 jury trials in a broad range of case categories, the Phoenix injury law team of Cantor Injury Lawyers have the knowledge and skill to gain the right outcome for your case. We are not afraid to be aggressive, go above and beyond toward the highest possible settlement and help you satisfy immediate needs through options like medical liens while you wait for your case to resolve. When the Cantor team represents you, you never have to worry about upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses. Call Cantor Injury Lawyers now at 602.254.2701 for a free, no-obligation case consultation. 


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