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Arbitration and Its Peculiarities in Business Dispute Resolution

The American legal system is rightly famous for its complexities and expenses which affect every aspect of a person’s business life. Those who have sound financial background attempt to fight for their rights using the US legal system. And those who don’t have manyresources may lose the case and on top of that pay heavy feesto the lawyer.

Under such circumstances, the parties often chose an alternative path or resolving business disputes like arbitration instead of spending time and energy on fighting an expensive lawsuit.

The Need for Arbitration:

When a dispute becomes more conflicting and messy, arbitration may be the right option to come to an agreement. The management and owners of the companies look for arbitration to solve complicated matters. The biggest benefit of arbitration is that it makes it possible to find a peaceful solution to an important business dispute. Companies who have a low legal budget, prefer this form of conflict resolution.

The Process of Arbitration:

It is not necessary that every business owner ops for the court toresolve business matters. The small business owners or individuals who have a limited income often prefer arbitration for a final and an impersonal resolution of the disputes. However, there are certain legal rules and regulations that regulate this process. The process of arbitration neither follows the rules of evidence, in case of binding arbitration, nor any formal procedure of discovery. In addition to this, the arguments and conflicts are not required as they are needed in a lawsuit.

The Ruling in Arbitration:

A separate party reviews the arbitration and makes the decision once both the parties are heard. The method of arbitration is formal with different stages. The arbitrator is an authoritative body and makes the important decisions- these decisions are binding on the parties.

Resolving the Business Conflict:

When the process begins, the companies or parties are supposed to finish the process unless it is completed. Most of the arbitrationprocess are binding, where the parties sign legal documents upon receiving the final decision by the arbitrator, the parties follow the ruling whether it is beneficial for both or not. The resolution of the conflict remains peaceful, where parties don’t get involved in emotional outbursts or further conflicts.

The cost of resolving conflict through this method is much lower than it is in litigation, moreover, the additional expense istotally removed. Similar to mediation attorney can be hired in this process only as an advisor to assist in presenting the case.

A non-binding arbitration may require the evidenceand appeals; in case of a binding decision, an appealmay not be possible and the parties will accept that binding decision.

Pros and Cons of Arbitration:

The plusses and minuses of arbitrations are quite obvious:

  • This is a faster and affordable way of finding a resolution as compared to a court procedure. It usually takes less than 6 months from the beginningof the process to the final decision- time span is half of a civil case.
  • This process is carried out on private forums which remains hidden from the competitors and public.
  • The factor of emotionalism is kept away from the entire procedure as the professionals are involved and not a typical citizen.

However, a few cons are also there:

  • The arbitrators are given maximum freedom in the process and their judgments- the court does not review their decisions.
  • The judges strictly apply laws, rules of evidence and complex procedures; while the arbitrators do not apply such strict rules. They can apply one or all the equitable procedures employing their common sense in determining the decision.
  • The arbitrator is less competent and may be unfair and the parties can do very little about it.


Working with this method can become difficult and confusing, however, the parties can hire a lawyer to protect their interests. The lawyer explains each party about their rights and duties. Moreover,if there is a needforpresenting evidence or proof, the attorney can be of great help.

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