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6 Common Mistakes Bikers Make that Cause Serious Accidents

Riding a motorbike can be dangerous, especially, when you lack the skills, guidance, and experience. And even if you are an experienced motorcyclist, the risk of getting into an accident is higher. If you are new on a motorbike, remember, anything can happen. You may feel excited and confident to know everything about motorcycling, however, it is always beneficial to take some piece of advice from those who have already been in the situation. They can help you prevent the serious mistakes that end up in a fatal motorcycle accident that occur more often.

According to research, every year there are on average 4,500 emergency room visits in New York State for injuries sustained from motorbike crashes. If you have recently got into a motorcycle accident, it is advisable to consult a Personal Injury Attorney in Staten Island.

Although, motorcyclists may not be at fault every time, however, a little extra care can prevent them from an accident.

That being said, here are a few common mistakes that motorcyclists can avoid to face a tragic motorcycle accident:

  1. Not Investing in the Right Equipment:

The most important equipment for your new bike is the helmet. Do not compromise your safety; ensure that you invest in a safe and appropriate helmet instead of only looking for design and style. Moreover, wearing the right-sized helmet is also very important. Thinking that you only have to move around the city and don’t need safety equipment is wrong. Most of the motorbike injuries occur due to lack of safety equipment. So, make sure you have got your hands on the proper motorcycle gear.

  1. Not Knowing Your Vehicle Well:

It is essential to know your motorbike well. Read the manual before you start using it especially if you are a beginner. In the manual, you will learn about riding a bike safely, tips relevant to driving and about the maintenance of your bike. And if you are an experienced motorcyclist, you should take care of its maintenance to avoid any unpleasant experience on the road.

  1. Lack of Maintenance:

It’s not only your car that needs maintenance. Your bike also needs proper care and maintenance. Before riding, make sure the suspension or brake works properly as most often they cause an accident.

  1. Riding a Bike of Inappropriate Size:

If you want to ride a bike bigger than your size, this can cause more scary situations than you could imagine. While riding a bike, your position on the bike is of utmost importance because it gives you control over the bike. Moreover, the distribution of weight on a motorcycle is also very important to control the bike. Many new bikers make this mistake of not buying the motorcycle according to their height and weight. When they lose balance while riding, they fall victim to serious injuries.

  1. Not Observing Other Vehicles in the Road:

As other vehicles on the road keep on changing their directions, it is highly recommended that you must remain vigilant about these movements around you. So that if there is an unexpected turn that a car makes, you can slow down or stop to prevent a crash.

  1. Not Predicting Braking:

If you remain unaware of other signs such as zebra crossing or gravel floors, you may perform sudden braking that can cause a serious accident. So, it is very important to pay close attention to traffic signs and road conditions.

A Final Word:

Motorcycles are becoming highly popular types of transportation within the US. Sadly, the number of motorcycle accidents has also risen in recent years. If you or your loved one has recently got into the accident, the good news is you have the rights to seek justice. In order to be compensated and to know what to do next after the accident, you can speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer. The lawyer is there to help you with the process guide what should be done next.


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